Arrangement of Audit

  • Auditor’s report are printed in both Chinese and English, providing the utmost confidence to our clients;
  • All the clients enquiries are handled by professional accountants in Hong Kong;
  • Service is committed to be completed within agreed timeframe
  • Offering field audit at the client’s office and stock or asset inspection services
  • In compliance to the legal requirement for limited company;
  • Audited financial statements are more reasonable and precise;
  • In compliance to the tax filing documentation requirement;
  • Enhance the recognition of the company's account.



Company Activity: General Trading / Service
Total amount of turnover / bank receipt / asset or liability value Account prepared by SBC
Price (HK$)
NON-SBC prepared account
Price (HK$)
2 Million or below 5,000 6,000
2.01 Million To 10 Million 9,000 10,000
10.01 Million To 50 Million 20,000 23,000
50.01 Million To 100 Million 33,000 35,000
100.01 Million To 300 Million 45,000 48,000
300.01 Million To 700 Million 55,000 63,000
700 Million plus By Quotation


Company Activity: Receipt & Payment on behalf of others
Total amount of bank receipt Account prepared by SBC
Price (HK$)
10 Million or below 8,000
10.01 Million to 50 Million 12,000
50 Million above 15,000


Company Activity: Property / Investment holding / Servicing ship
Price (HK$) 4,000



*Audit service is provided by “SBC CPA Limited” independently

*Additional service fee will be charged according to the complexity of the business

All services mentioned are performed in Hong Kong in which the PRC and Oversea offices are operates as a point of contact only.
We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice when deemed necessary.